Our Lifts Fit on Most Standard I-Beams

About Us


Who We Are

Aside from fixing machines, designing mortuary lifts and funeral products, first and foremost, we are embalmers. As the founders of Great Lakes Embalming, we have spent a lot of time in a vast variety of prep rooms. We have seen and used a full spectrum of lifts and apparatus designed to assist funeral homes (or at least intended to). We know what works and more importantly, what does not. This is how we came to design and invent a system that functions with the funeral director's needs in mind without breaking the budget.


Built Right, Built For You!

Since we build every individual lift by hand, customizing a lift to fit your needs is not a problem. From I-beam lengths to additions or tweaks, just let us know and we would be happy to help you out. 


More Than Just a Lift....

When working with us, you can expect personal service at the highest level. We can do almost anything you can imagine when it comes to machines and prep rooms. If you have a concept for your prep room, yet need some help with the mechanics of it, give us a buzz! We welcome a challenge and dig the sense of invention.